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From: Chris Douthit
Dear Joint Venture Partner,

We appreciate your interest in joining our joint venture program and becoming part of the Email Marketing's Elite team!

We have been developing a guaranteed winning formula over the past several years. A formula which is going to amaze customers and make our partners a considerable amount of extra income!

You may have seen other email marketing guides on the market in the past. but nothing like this. Our material is 140 solid pages which takes users by the hand and walks them through every single aspect of email marketing.

Plus, we have developed our own modification to Peel-Away-Ads which allows users to enter opt-in info right on the peel rather than having to click and bring up a new page.

This material along with all the bonuses is an amazing promotion. Designed for those who can market Email Marketing Elite to their customers or associates or for those who are looking to learn or improve their email marketing tactics which today should be anyone running a business on-or-off line.

We value all of our affiliates and joint venture partners. We've made our best attempt to supply you with all the tools and resources you would need to generate the maximum amount of sales. However, if you have any questions or ideas for us, please don't hesitate to ask.

Product Summary

  Email Marketing Elite ebook
  10 free professionally designed newsletters to get any list hungry for more
  The original Peel-Away-Ads
  Our patent pending Peel Direct Opt-in. Allows customers to subscribe directly from the peel!

Email Marketing Elite membership is only a one-time fee of $97.00, very affordable and a great value for all the products and services offered in the package.


Affiliates will receive 60% commission on each first tier sale, plus 10% on all second tier sales. Make 5 sales a day and that's well over $5000 a month, just imagine if you made more.

Plus, we offer an optional newsletter package members can purchase for an additional $19.95. You will also automatically receive a 60% commission on any upgrade sold..

All transactions are tracked and processed by PayPal to ensure they are 100% secure. You will receive your commission payments on the 16th of every month like clockwork.

Affiliate URL

If you haven't already signed up for our affiliate program you can do so with the link below. This will allow us to track your sales and provide details on how we can send you affiliate commissions each month. Signing up takes less than 30 seconds and is totally free.

Click Here To Get Your Affiliate Account

Once you have signed up to our affiliate program you just need to login to our member's area with the username and password you created yourself. Once logged in click the "Affiliates area" link. Here you can access your affiliate URL as well as clicks, sale, and commission statistics.

You can also use your affiliate link to legally advertise the site for greater exposure!

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Email Marketing Elite Review

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Pay per click ads you may use to advertise. You may use the ads as they are or change them anyway you see fit. Be sure to use your affiliate link as the "Destination URL".

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