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From: Chris Douthit
Dear Marketer;

We all know what delivers profits to our businesses…people.

Without them your business will grow stagnant and your profits will diminish. As a business owner you know the value of marketing your product or business and with the vast percentage of online sales going through the roof you know the value the internet can bring to your business.

But you need people to visit your site, look at your products and what you have to offer. Yes you can optimize your website for all the search engines but that isn’t enough anymore. You need an Email Marketing strategy that works.

Sure, there are lots of offers out there, some promising the world. But what you really need is the Information and Tools to make it all happen. That’s the difference between success and failure. That’s what you’ll get with Email Marketing Elite.

The Success or Failure of your Business Depends on the Decisions you make…Today

Email Marketing Elite is no ordinary package. It is stacked with valuable tools, tips and just about everything you will ever need to know about email marketing. You’ll learn things like:

  Utilizing Email Marketing to the “Advantage” of your business
  Methods to increase your OPT-IN's and build a list FAST!
  How to handle email addresses effectively
  Creating a winning newsletter
  Email promotions that…work
  Irresistible subject lines
  How to track, test and measure your promotional results

And this is just the tip of the iceberg; you’ll learn and have at your disposal all the tools that guarantee success.

What is the Success of your Business Worth?

Did you know that over 80% of email marketing campaigns fail because of the lack of knowledge about what makes email marketing tick? It’s true, drawing clients and customers to your website… Your business depends on knowing what works and what doesn’t. How to effectively write an email letter that people can’t wait to read. How to properly handle email addresses, follow ups and advanced emails. How to track, measure and more importantly, test your promotional results. There is even a section in Email Marketing Elite on how to popular with the Big Boys of messaging, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and HOTMAIL.

I believe in your email marketing success so much that for people who order Email Marketing Elite I’m going to throw in the tools necessary to help you develop the best email marketing campaign ever! Tools like…

  10 free professionally designed newsletters to get any list hungry for more

Don’t wait another moment, time is money and money is what makes your bottom line. Triple that bottom line TODAY by using the resources and information within Email Marketing Elite. But you don’t have to believe me, read what others have to say about Email Marketing Elite.

"Chris Email Marketing Elite is the most complete and thorough guide I have ever seen on how to make money with e-mail. You leave no stone unturned as you walk people step by step through what it takes to build a highly responsive and profitable list fast. I sure wish I had this guide when I first got started in online that because I would have saved myself a lot of time, money and headache."

Charles Kirkland

“Hi Chris:

This is the most comprehensive book on this subject that I have ever read in my life. This should be required reading for anybody who does email marketing, which I have been doing for over 5 years myself. This book covers it all and then some.

Nothing is left out...Nothing!

Great job Chris! ”.

Steven Wagenheim

“Hello Chris!

WOW! I start reading Email Marketing Elite with the idea that... it is a so well known subject...

I couldn't be more wrong! I learn a great deal about persuasive offers, strategies to increasing opt-in list, secrets of subject line and the first paragraph, efficient newsletters. I fill like I am a different Internet Marketer now, and I really am! I already improved my automating follow-up system and I have used with great results the Newsletter Templates.

Thanks Chris, your over 100 pages e-Book is like a bible on the subject in which all level marketers have something to learn to get better.”

Michaela Cernescu

"Great job Chris!

You really have produced a fine piece of work. Your Email Marketing Elite book is well written and has proven to be the complete step by step guide to succeed through email. Your hard-hitting content delivers a clear message and covers every single aspect on the subject."

Howard Goldman

“The ebook is gold. This is very detail and well thought content with a lot of examples and templates you can model right away.

This is a very in depth ebook and it goes beyond internet marketing. Apply this in your offline business and watch your business grows faster than you can expect. I know it works because I have applied it online and even in my brick and mortar business too. Let me remind you, this stuff WORKS and it can works amazingly with few tricks and this book teaches you that from the basic to more advance.

Well done, chris!”.

Irsan Komarga


Email Marketing Elite is simply the best resource you could ever have and I recommend it highly BEFORE you start your email marketing campaign. I watched my profits increase 8% in less than 3 weeks using the techniques available within the book”.

Caroline Holiday
Newark, NJ

“Hi Chris,

I thought I knew about email marketing, how difficult could it be right?

Well, it is easy if you know what you’re doing and Email Marketing Elite makes it easy to understand. I wish this eBook had been around a few years ago, I would have saved myself thousands.”

Richard Stiferson
Seattle, WA

“Hi Chris,

I was skeptical when I first started to learn about email marketing, however since reading Email Marketing Elite I was blown away by how easy it actually was…and how much I had been losing all these years from my profits.”

Jason Vain
New York, NY

Do you have a Competitor? Maybe more than one…

Perhaps you have been losing market share to a newer more flexible business. I can show you how to beat your competitors to the punch and regain the market share which has slowly started to slip away. Once gaining our guaranteed winning formula you will know the proven strategy and can acquire the tools that allow you to contact customers who are looking to purchase what you sell at just the right time to close the sale.

If you are looking to handcuff your competitor, beat them to the punch and in the process form a trusting relationship with your clients so you can sell to them time and time again Email Marketing Elite is for you.

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We are completely confident that our package will exceed your expectations. However, in the event you are not satisfied, just send us an email explaining what you did not like about the book. If there is something we left out then we want to know about it!

So I ask again, what is the success of your business worth when all the resources you will ever need on email marketing are right at your fingertips?

Order Email Marketing Elite today and see for yourself just how easy and profitable email marketing can be. And remember, as an added bonus for your membership you’ll give 10 professionally designed newsletter.

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